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Consolidated Subsidiaries

As of the end of FY2016

Company Name Location Capital
(million yen)
Description of Major Business Ratio of voting rights
- The number shown in the parentheses “( )” indicates the indirect ownership ratio and is included in the left ratio.
- The number shown in the parentheses “[ ]” indicates that the number represents ownership ratio of voting right held by parties in close connection with TEPCO, or having agreement with TEPCO regarding the ownership in concern, and the number is excluded from the left ratio.
Business Contents Related to TEPCO
TEPCO Fuel & Power, Incorporated Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 30,000 Investment in fuel and thermal power generation businesses 100.00% - -
TEPCO Power Grid, Incorporated Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 80,000 Electric power transmission and distribution businesses 100.00% - -
TEPCO Energy Partner, Incorporated Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 10,000 Retail electricity businesses 100.00% - -
TODEN REAL ESTATE Co., Inc. Taito-ku, Tokyo 3,020 Rental and management of office space, company housing 100.00% - Rental of office and company housing
The Tokyo Electric Generation Company, Incorporated Taito-ku, Tokyo 2,500 Electricity generation and sales 100.00% - Purchase of generated power
Tokyo Power Technology Ltd. Koto-ku, Tokyo 100 Construction/ operation/ maintenance of power generation equipment, etc., environmental/energy business, and Oze region business 100.00% - Construction, operation and maintenance of power generation-related facilities (thermal and nuclear power), Environmental protection and survey, Entrustment of forests and land management
Tokyo Electric Power Services Company, Limited (TEPSCO) Koto-ku, Tokyo 40 Civil engineering, construction and electric facility design and supervision 100.00% - Entrustment of design and supervision of power generation, transmission and transformation facilities
TEPCO SYSTEMS CORPORATION Koto-ku, Tokyo 350 Computer system development and maintenance 100.00% - Entrustment of computer system development and maintenance
TEPCO RESOURCES INC. Canada CAN$ 247 million Mining, smelting and sales of uranium 100.00% - -
TEPCO HUMMING WORK CO., LTD. Hino-shi, Tokyo 60 Printing, cleaning, gardening service, support of administration/general affairs, and others 100.00% - Entrustment of printing and gardening
Toso Real Estate Management Co., Ltd Futaba-gun, Fukushima 20 Leasing/borrowing of real estate, repair and cleaning of building, and management of cafeterias and dormitories 100.00% - Entrustment of building maintenance
Tepco Partners Co.,Ltd. Koto-ku, Tokyo 100 Nursing-care insurance business and training related business 100.00% - Entrustment of nursing-care workshops, and others
Recyclable-Fuel Storage Company Mutsu-shi, Aomori 3,000 Storage and management of spent fuel from nuclear power plants and incidental businesses 80.00% - -
ATEMA KOGEN RESORT INC. Tokamachi-shi, Niigata 100 Hotel and golf course management 80.00% - Use of facilities
TOKYO RECORDS MANAGEMENT CO., INC Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 20 Production, storage and management of information records 70.00% (70.00%) Entrustment of production, storage and management of information records
TOSETSU CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSULTANT INC. Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 10 Survey, measurement, inspection of civil engineering facilities 100.00% (100.00%) Entrustment of survey of hydroelectric power and civil engineering facilities
Bio Fuel Co., Inc Koto-ku, Tokyo 490 Planning, design, construction, building operations and maintenance of fuel processing facilities, and development of biomass and other renewable resources 100.00% (100.00%) -
Fuel TEPCO Koto-ku, Tokyo 40 Sales and marine shipping of heavy oil, etc., thermal power station disaster prevention and security, LNG import representative operation 100.00% (100.00%) Purchase of fuel oil, entrustment of thermal power station disaster prevention
Project Development Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 9 Planning and preparation for development of thermal power supply sources 100.00% (100.00%) -
TOKYO WATERFRONT RECYCLE POWER CO., LTD. Koto-ku, Tokyo 100 Power generation from gasification/melting, etc. at Tokyo Super Ecotown Project 96.60% (96.60%) Entrustment of industrial waste treatment
KAWASAKI STEAM NET CO., LTD. Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 160 Sales and supply of steam, design, construction, operation, maintenance and management of equipment such as steam supply piping 91.10% (91.10%) Wholesale supply of steam from thermal power station
NANSO SERVICE CO., LTD. Futaba-gun, Fukushima 20 Thermal power station disaster prevention and security, fuel payment acceptance 75.00% (75.00%) Entrustment of thermal power station disaster prevention, entrustment of fuel payment acceptance
Tokyo Densetsu Service Co., Ltd. Taito-ku, Tokyo 50 Power transmission and transformation equipment patrolling, inspection and repair 100.00% (100.00%) Entrustment of maintenance of power transmission and transformation facilities
Tepco Town Planning Corporation Limited Meguro-ku, Tokyo 100 Construction and maintenance of electric power distribution facilities, Sales and management of advertizement on utility poles, Consulting and scheduling for underground power lines and regional development 100.00% (100.00%) Entrustment of construction and maintenance for electric power distribution facilities
Tokyo Land Management Corporation Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 100 Utility pole site work, management of power transmission line sites and other land owned by TEPCO, acquisition of power transmission line sites 100.00% (100.00%) Entrustment of utility pole site work and land management
TEPCO LOGISTICS CO., LTD. Ota-ku, Tokyo 50 Transportation of power distribution materials, management of materials warehouse, etc. 80.00% (80.00%) Entrustment of management and transportation of distribution materials
TEPCO OPTICAL NETWORK ENGINEERING INC. Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 150 Construction and maintenance operation for FTTH-related equipment in electricity-related facility (transformer station etc.), connection of optical fiber cable, construction work for diverging devices 51.00% (51.00%) Entrustment of maintenance of communication cable for power safety
Tepco Customer Service Corporation Limited Koto-ku, Tokyo 10 New electric power retail business, Indoor wiring investigation, sales related operations (calculation of electric bill and revenue management) 100.00% (100.00%) Entrustment of indoor wiring investigation and sales related operations (personnel transfer and input work transfer)
FAMILYNET JAPAN CORPORATION Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 270 Internet connection services for multi-unit housing, lump power receiving services, and others 100.00% (100.00%) Entrustment of the operation of information providing services for electric use state
JAPAN FACILITY SOLUTIONS, INC Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 490 Energy-saving services - effectiveness has been proved 100.00% (100.00%) -
Morigasaki Energy Service Co., Ota-ku, Tokyo 310 Electric power and hot water supply and power load adjustment for Morigasaki Wastewater Treatment Center,Tokyo Bureau of Sewerage 80.00% (80.00%) -
Houseplus Corporation, Inc. Minato-ku, Tokyo 907 Building performance evaluation and assurance 61.34% (61.34%) -
Japan Natural Energy Company Limited Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 395 Providing environmental value through "Green Electric Power Certificate System" and Green Heat Certificate System" 57.98% (57.98%) -
FAMILYNET INITIATIVE CORPORATION Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 10 Internet service provider 100.00% (100.00%) -