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Affiliated Companies(Equity Method Affiliated)

As of the end of FY2016

Company Name Location Capital
(million yen)
Description of Major Business Ratio of voting rights
- The number shown in the parentheses “( )” indicates the indirect ownership ratio and is included in the left ratio.
- The number shown in the parentheses “[ ]” indicates that the number represents ownership ratio of voting right held by parties in close connection with TEPCO, or having agreement with TEPCO regarding the ownership in concern, and the number is excluded from the left ratio.
Business Contents Related to TEPCO
Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation Mintato-ku, Tokyo 18,199 Domestic and overeas electricity generation business from wind and solar power 40.00% - Purchase of generated power
Hitachi Systems Power Services, Ltd. Koto-ku, Tokyo 100 System development, maintenance and operation, etc. 33.40% - Entrustment of system development, maintenance and operation, etc.
Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited Kamikita-gun, Aomori 400,000 Reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel 28.60% - Uranium enrichment, reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel, entrustment of temporary storage of high level radioactive waste and low level radioactive waste disposal
The Japan Atomic Power Company Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 120,000 Supplying electricity from nuclear power 28.30% (0.07%) Purchase of generated power
TOKYO ENERGY & SYSTEMS INC. Chuo-ku, Tokyo 2,881 Construction and maintenance of power generation and transformation facilities, and design and construction of information communication facilities 27.30% (0.01%) Entrustment of construction activities for power generation (thermal/hydro/nuclear)/ transmission equipment
JERA Co., Inc Chuo-ku, Tokyo 5,000 Development of upstream process for new fuel and fuel procurement business, New construction and replacement of domestic thermal power station business, Development of new overseas power generation business, Fuel transport business, Fuel trading business 50.00% - Entrustment of fuel-related businesses
Kimitsu Cooperative Thermal Power Company, Inc. Kimitsu-shi, Chiba 8,500 Supplying electricity from thermal power 50.00% - Purchase of generated power
KASHIMA KYODO ELECTRIC POWER Co., Ltd. Kashima-shi, Ibaraki 22,000 Supplying electricity from thermal power 50.00% - Purchase of generated power
Soma Kyodo Power Company, Ltd. Soma-shi, Fukushima 112,800 Supplying electricity from thermal power 50.00% - Purchase of generated power
Joban Joint Power Co., Ltd. Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 56,000 Supplying electricity from thermal power 49.12% - Purchase of generated power
KANDENKO CO., LTD. Minato-ku, Tokyo 10,264 Construction and maintenance of power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution facilities, thermal and nuclear power station electric and instrumentation, internal phone lines and air conditioning system 47.77% (1.16%) Entrustment of electrical construction for power transmission and distribution facilities
TAKAOKA TOKO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Koto-ku, Tokyo 8,000 Manufacturing and Installation of transmission/transformation/distribution equipment, replacement of supply meters, and electrical work for buildings 35.34% - Purchase of transmission/transformation/distribution equipment, etc., and entrustment of replacement works for supply meters
AT TOKYO Corporation Koto-ku, Tokyo 13,378 Data center service 33.33% - Rental of building
TOKYO TOSHI SERVICE COMPANY Chuo-ku, Tokyo 400 Operation, maintenance and management of heat supply equipment 33.40% - Entrustment of maintenance and management for heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning facilities