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Current Status of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Contracts

As of the end of 2016

Contractors AREVA NC
(nuclear fuel company in France)
(Nuclear Decommissioning Authority)
Reprocessing Plant Name UP-3 Plant THORP Plant Tokai Reprocessing Plant Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
Annual Reprocessing Capacity(tU) 1,000/year 1,200/year 210/year 800/year
Contract Amount(tU) Approx. 630 Approx. 1,244 Approx. 223 Approx. 12,082
Spent Fuel Delivery Period 1985-1993 1974-1995 1977-2005 1998-
Amount actually delivered(tU) Approx. 630 Approx. 1,244 Approx. 223 Approx. 1,065
Construction and Operation of Reprocessing Plant
  • November 1989:
    Operations partially started
  • August 1990:
    Full scale operations started
  • March 1994:
    Operations started
  • September 1977:
    Hot operation started
  • 1981
    Full start-up
  • March 2006:
    Active tests started
  • 2018
    Full scale operations scheduled
Amount Actually Reprocessed
Amount of Spent Fuel Reprocessed(tU)
Approx. 630 Approx. 1,244 Approx. 223 Approx. 156


  1. "Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Fund Act" taken effect on October 1, 2016. An agreement for rereprocessing between Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited and TEPCO terminates .
  2. A responsibility for spent fuel reprocessing was transferred to the Nuclear Reprocessing Organization of Japan (TEPCO pays contribution to the organization).