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Screening Results for the Bid System for Wholesale Supply of Electric Power

As of the end of FY2015

FY Invitation for Bids Bids Successful Bids
1996 1000MW 3,860MW(31 bids) 1,100MW(8 companies)
1997 1000MW 5,860MW(30 bids) 1,080MW(4 companies)
1999 1000MW 2,510MW(11 bids) 1,000MW(5 companies)
2012 2600MW 680MW(3 bids) 680MW(3 companies)
2014 6000MW 4530MW(10 bids) 1450MW(5 bids by 4 companies)(*1)


  1. The results include successful bids which were won through rebidding by successful bidders in FY2012.