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Electricity Supply Facilities
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Major Maintenance Plan for the Transmission and Transformation Facilities

As of the end of FY2016

  Project Name Voltage(kV) Scale Start of Operation
Transmission G3060016 transmission line construction 275 0.6km December 2017
G3060006 transmission line construction 275 5.6km January 2019
Kitamusashino line replace 275 7.4km June 2017
Hida-Shinano direct current main transmission line construction DC±200 89km FY 2020
Shinjuku-jyonan line replacement 275 No1:5.5km
No1:July 2018
No2:April 2019
No3:April 2020
Minamikawasaki line additional construction 275 28.9km January 2022
G7060005 transmission line construction 275 0.5km August 2021
Keihin line (Nos. 1, 2) additional construction 275 22.7km→23.1km April 2022
Higashishimizu line construction 275 13km(New)
FY 2026
Nishigunmakansen1 additional construction 500 0.5km October 2023
Substation Shin-Shinano alternate current and direct current converting facility construction 900MW FY 2020
Shinfuji 3B transformer additional installation 500/275 1500MVA FY 2026
Higashiyamanashi 3B transformer additional installation 500/154 750MVA December 2022


  1. Transmission scale: Horizontal distance, Substation scale: increase of output