Customer Communication

By using Online Service Request, residential customers have another way to contact TEPCO.
You can close your account when you are moving out, or you can open a new account when you are moving in, online.

Closing Your Account
Opening Your Account

Closing Your Account

When relocating to a new residence, you will need to apply to close your account at your old residence; you may submit that application from this page.
If any of the following apply to you, we cannot accept your application over the Internet. In this case, please call your local TEPCO Customer Center.
  • You don't know your current customer number
  • You wish to have all electricity supply devices removed as part of the demolition
    of your building
  • You have power incoming installations that receive either extra high-tension or
    high- tension power
Please note that this form can be submitted 24 hours a day; however, service may be suspended temporarily without notice due to maintenance or other such circumstances.
Closing Your Account Form
  • Your bill will generally not be calculated on the same day you apply to close your account; calculation is usually done at a later date.
  • When filling out this application, please keep an Electricity Consumption Notice handy.
  • If you wish to close several accounts (e.g., meter rate lighting and late night contracts, or meter rate lighting and low wattage contracts), please submit an application for each account.
* denotes required information
1. Current account

Current address

" Postal code *
  -    Postal code serch
" Prefecture *
" City and street *
" Apartment name
" Wing number
  " Room number  
" Phone number
  -    - 

Current account holder *

" Last name
" First name

Customer number * img02
This is written on your Electricity Consumption Notice. If you are not sure, click the button above for a diagram showing where the number is located on the form.

" Enter number here:
  -    -    - 
2. Relocation schedule

Date of Stop Service *
Year   Month   Day   (please also select either AM or PM)

Payment of final bill *

I wish to pay by automatic deduction from my current bank account (and understand that this will be deducted approximately two weeks after my electricity account is closed).
I wish to be sent a payment form at the address entered below (and understand that this will be sent to me approximately one week after my electricity account is closed).

Visit by TEPCO staff *
If your building has an auto-lock and our staff cannot enter the building to read your meter when you are not present, you will be required to be present when our staff member calls.

I do not need TEPCO staff to visit me when I am at home.
I need or would like TEPCO staff to visit me when I'm at home (and understand that TEPCO will call me at a later date to confirm the appointed time).
3. Post-relocation contact details
Overseas address is not acceptable. If you are moving overseas, please pay your bill before or on the date of your relocation.

Post-relocation contact details
Your payment form or (if you pay by automatic deduction) receipt for payment of final bill will be sent to the address entered here.

" Postal code
  -    Postal code serch
" Prefecture
" City and street
" Apartment name
" Wing number
  " Room number  
" Phone number
  -    - 

Name featured in the payment form or receipt of account transfer payment
(please enter them if different from those featured in the current contract).

" Last name
" First name
4. Applicant Information

Name* (name of liaison in case of real estate company, etc.)

" Last name
" First name
Relationship to contractor *
  • Self
  • Immediate family
  • Relative
  • Landlord
  • Building manager
  • Real estate company
  • Other

If you chose "real estate company'' or ''other'', please fill in the field above; in the case of a company, please fill in the company name and your department name.

Contact details *

" Phone number      -    - 
(Telephone numbers should be daytime contact numbers.)
" E-mail address   
(Please refrain from entering mobile-phone or PHS e-mail addresses.)

Thank you very much. Please note that we may contact you to confirm some parts of your application.

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