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The application is closed.

AC/DC Converter for Tokyo-Chubu Interconnection Project Application Guidelines

1. Invited Suppliers
  • Suppliers of the AC/DC converters for the Tokyo-Chubu Interconnection Project
    * Please refer to "Basic Technical Specifications for Tokyo-Chubu HVDC Interconnection Project" attached on the bottom of this page for information about outline specifications of the AC/DC converters.

2. Application Period
  • November 6, 2014 - November 14, 2014. (Deadline: 5:00 PM Japan time)

3. Application Qualification
  • Suppliers which intend to take part in production and installation of the AC/DC converters and fulfill their responsibilities as a member of the Tokyo-Chubu Interconnection Project.

4. Submission
  • After completing necessary information on "Application Form" attached on the bottom of this page, please send electronic data by e-mail and the two signed original documents by postal mail in parallel.
      <E-mail address>
      * Subject should be "[application]Tokyo-Chubu Interconnection Project(your corporate name)".
      * A person in charge will contact you after receiving your e-mail.

        <Postal address>
        A person in charge of FC, Substation Systems Procurement Group, Materials & Procurement Department
          Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.
          1-5-3 Uchi-saiwai-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,Japan 100-0011
          * Application forms should be submitted either to Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. (TEPCO) or Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (CHUBU).
          CHUBU links page:

5. Prequalification
  • TEPCO and CHUBU will conduct prequalification and confirmation of financial condition and technical requirements of applicants before the request for quotation(price estimate).

6. Contact Information
  • Inquiries should be made by e-mail in principle. E-mail subject of an inquiry should be "[inquiry]Tokyo-Chubu Interconnection Project(your corporate name)".
      * Please note that inquiries made on weekends and holidays will be responded on or after the following business day.

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