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Inform TEPCO Before You Move Out

img01 Contact TEPCO as soon as possible
As soon as you know the date of your relocation, please contact TEPCO and provide the following information. On the day you move out, our staff will visit you so that your final bill can be paid.

  1. Address
  2. Name and Customer Number
  3. Date and Time of Relocation and Your New Address
  4. Payment Method

Final bill
The bill for electricity used between the preceding meter inspection and the day you move out will be calculated on a per diem basis. If a member of our staff is not able to reach your residence before you move out, we will send the final bill to your new residence. Finally, when you move out, do not forget to switch your circuit breakers to the "off" position.

Automatic deduction
If your electricity bill is automatically deducted from your bank account, you can continue with this arrangement at your new residence as well; no further applications are needed. If you wish to continue to have your bill deducted from the same bank account after moving, please tell our staff this when you call to notify us of your relocation. Please note, however, that this can only be done if you are shifting within the TEPCO service area.

Application made easy
You can now submit the application to transfer your account through Online Service Request.

Send Application Form When You Move In

Mail the Open Account Application Form
Once you have moved into your new residence and switched the electricity on, write your name and the date on which you began using electricity in your new residence on the Open Account Application Form that has been left in anticipation of your moving in. Then simply put the form in a mailbox. Your account with TEPCO will be based on the information contained in this form. If no form has been left in your new residence, please call TEPCO.
Alternatively, you can submit the application through Online Service Request.

Opening bill
Your bill for electricity used between the time you move in and the first meter reading thereafter will be calculated on a per diem basis. Unless you have applied to have your bill deducted automatically from your bank account, we will send you an invoice/payment form. Use this form to pay your bill at any bank, post office, or convenience store.

Changing ampere capacity
If the ampere capacity of your new residence is not sufficient for your needs, TEPCO will replace your circuit breakers with those of your preferred ampere capacity. Please note, however, that some interior rewiring may be required in some circumstances depending on the electricity supply devices in your residence.
* Breakers can only be replaced to a maximum ampere capacity of 60A. For accounts involving more than 60A, please consult with TEPCO.

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