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Overview of PCB Treatment Facilities

As of the end of FY2016

Name of the Facility Overview Commencement date Volume of PCB-based insulating oil treatment so far
TEPCO Kawasaki Recycle Center
(located adjacent to Higashi Ohgishima Thermal Power Station)
PCB-based insulating oil decomposition treatment and pole-mounted transformer container cleaning

PCB-based insulating oil decomposition treatment facility: October 1, 2002
* Abolished as of Jan 25, 2016

PCB container cleaning treatment facility: November 4, 2003
* The operations were transferred to Tokyo Power Technology Ltd. on March 1, 2016.

PCB-based insulating oil decomposition treatment: Approx. 14,000 kl
(equivalent to 270,000 units)(*1)
PCB container cleaning treatment: Approx. 932,000 units
TEOCO Chiba Recycle Center
(located adjacent to Chiba Thermal Power Station)
TEPCO's second PCB-based insulating oil decomposition treatment facility March 15,2002
* Abolished as of June 30, 2014
Approx. 5,000 kl (equivalent to 100,000 units)(*1)
TEPCO Yokohama Recycle Center
(located adjacent to Yokohama Thermal Power Station)
Japan's first full-scale PCB-based insulating oil decomposition treatment facility October 16,2001
* Abolished as of June 15, 2015
Approx. 13,000kl (equivalent to 260,000 units)(*1)
TEPCO Gunma Recycle Center
(located adjacent to Shin-Nitta Substation)
Trace PCB contaminated equipments container cleaning facility March 1,2013 Approx. 1,100 t


  1. When converted to number of pole-mounted transformers with average capacity (30kVA: oil volume 50l)
  2. TEPCO Tochigi Recycle Center (next to Shinmotegi substation) has started operation in July, 2017.